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Ontario Kelly and Caravan Haylan - Highway 7 Project

Terry Kelly and Joe Hay team up for this collection of songs with a heavy Canadian focus.


Elly Kelly - Elly's Dream

Elly's Dream is a 6 cd Box set including all of Elly's entire catalogue and one previously unreleased live cd.  


Brian Finley - Preludes To Canada (CD)

Written between 1998 and 2016, Preludes to Canada is a 13-movement journey across Canada for solo piano.  Originating as a musical journal of impressions and feelings from cross-Canada travels hand in hand with musical and life partner Donna Bennett, each Prelude evokes one special place in a vast country bursting with special places. 

Jane Archer and the Reactionaries - Great Atomic Power

Bluegrass tunes form the cold war era sung with a 'tongue in cheek' delivery.